About The Manufacturing

HARDA has took root in intelligent manufacturing for more than ten years and has developed into a “four-wheel-driven” one-stop intelligent manufacturing solution provider, quality, delivery, cost and efficiency, committing to product industrial design, software and hardware design, R&D, tooling, injection molding, extrusion, welding, stamping, painting & printing, assembly, testing, sales and other services. The whole team has collected a group of high-quality employees who are proficient in new electronic products and precision manufacturing. And more than 90% of them have rich professional skills and years of industry background, in combination with the accumulation of manufacturing process technology for years at Harda. This ensures that quality of each batch products can be consistent with the design expectation.


HARDA releases the transformation and upgrades to the “intelligent manufacturing”: the manufacturing capacity is backed by advanced facilities and management, with the leading flexible production mode, which can accurately match the personalized requirement between different orders for customer. Harda has an advanced ERP management system, realize the informatization and the whole process monitoring, achieve the improvement of the operation efficiency of Harda.

HARDA with advanced production equipment, industrial talents and extensive experience, it can provide diversified and flexible manufacturing services to help customers win the market.

Service Scope

Product industrial design

Hardware/Software design

Product and program research and development

Mold development manufacturing and injection molding, printing

Product assembly and packaging

Scientific test

PCBA circuit board assembly

Flexible supply chain management

Service Feature